Health Benifits of HEVCO

Intake Dosage 15ml – 30 ml every day empty stomach and at night after food

1.Boost your Immunity 

2.Will Heal all your stomach related issues from Gas trouble to colon cancer, and improves digetion. 

3. Only medicine for deseases like Alzimers and Parkinsons which can reverse the symptoms and take back to normal 

4.Protects Heart by improving blood circulation and with boosting HDL level And make you stay out of Heart diseases.  

5.One of the best medicine for PCOD and periods Related issues. (Have Results) 

6.Medicine for Arthrities and joint pains.. These are only some, HEVCO IS A Medicine for all most 140 diseases which includes HIV and Cancer And list goes on…. 

External Application

1. Removes Dandruff 

2. Stops Hair fall 

3. Improves Hair Growth

 4. Natural Skin Mosturizer 

5. Acts as the most effective and Natural Sun screen coz coconut contains Natural SPF. 

6.Natural Make up Remover 7.Removes Wrinkles and Marks

8.Antiaging properties 

9.Heals all wounds 8 times faster

10.Heals Burn Wounds and even old Burn marks 

11.Removes all kind of skin infections Coz it has got Anti Bacterial Anti Viral and Anti fungal Properties…. And list goes on here too….

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